With no local SPCA Clutha Vets tries to rehome stray cats in the area. Our resident cat expert Sharron West runs our rehoming programme.

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Weekly updates are place in the Clutha Leader and on local radio.  Please call us for information on: 03 418 1280


At Clutha Vets we offer a rehome service whereby if people want a kit/cat rehomed they will phone us and discuss if they are able to bring their kit/cat in for rehoming [and we ask that the mother of any kits be booked in to be spayed].


We do our best to accommodate people but it does depend on numbers as we can only have a certain number of pets up for rehoming at any one time [we have limited space and services as we are not an SPCA].


We charge a small fee when a kit/cat comes in for rehoming to cover costs of feeding, kitty litter, washing, time etc.


We also charge a fee to a new owner when the kit/cat finds a home as we have a Nurse consultation with the new owner to discuss such things as worming and flea treatments, de-sexing and vaccinations [including the FIV vax that is now available for kits/cats from 9 weeks of age and helps protect kits/cats against the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus].


Also as part of our policy each kit/cat that is rehomed from here has to have a first Tricat vax [part of our core vaccination regime] and we ask the new owner to sign an agreement to say they will have the kit/cat in for a booster vax 3-4 weeks later and neutered at around 6 months of age.


The Rehoming Programme would not be as successful as it is without the residents of Balclutha and the surrounding areas  wanting kittens and cats, so we at Clutha Vets want to say a big


THANK YOU for all your help!


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