We aim to work with dairy farmers to maximise animal health and profitability, with regular consultations and involvement in farmer meetings. We take great pride in the quality of service that we provide, whether it is assisting at a calving in the small hours of the morning, or joining you for breakfast after scanning your cows at milking time.


Our multi-national team of vets and Rural Animal Technicians is regularly involved with major issues on dairy farms, such as mastitis, fertility and lameness. Mastitis services include Grade Busting and comprehensive shed visits at milking time, and we also provide in-house culturing of milk samples. Fertility services include Metrichecking (detection and treatment of ‘dirty’ cows), non-cycling cow programmes and synchrony programmes for cows and heifers. Lameness services include corrective trimming of lame and overgrown claws, using our portable WOPA crate, and advice on lameness prevention. We also provide regular monitoring of trace element supplementation programmes through blood testing and liver biopsies and advice on rearing heifer replacements, including weighing and drench programmes.


Our competitively-priced pregnancy testing service is focused on accuracy, safety and efficiency, and allows us to ensure precise knowledge of calving dates and optimum timing of inductions through comprehensive recording systems and reports. The large number of clients who continue to use these services year after year allows us to benchmark your performance against other herds in the area. This information is presented at our annual winter meeting, along with informative presentations from our local vets and top quality guest speakers.


Our vets regularly attend meetings and conferences to keep up with all the latest information and research developments, and we have strong representation within the Dairy Cattle Vets’ Society of NZ, actively involved in thwarting many of the current threats to the dairy industry.


We also offer

·         Newsletters

·         Month by month reminders

·         Seminars and training for farm staff

·         Nutrition

·         Trace elements

·         Calving services

·         Surgical interventions.

·         Disease treatment, prevention and control

·         Pregnancy testing – manual & ultrasound

·         Mastitis advice and prevention

·         Fertility investigation and treatment

·         De-velvetting and TB testing

·         Ram testing and vasectomy

·         Lepto vaccination

·         Access to (PAR) Prescription Animal Remedies following a consultation

·         Newsletters

·         Painless Calf debudding service

·         Calf weighing service

·         Dairy Infovet

·         Healthy Hoof Programme

·         "Grade Busting" to address milk quality

·         InCalf is a national fertillity programme

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