Any responsible pet owner will have visited the Veterinary Surgery at some time in their pet’s life. Like human medicine, veterinary care has come to be more than “the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff”. At Clutha Vets we aim to put a fence across the top of the cliff or, at least, be there to catch them at the bottom!


Most new puppies and kittens will have their first experience of the vets at 8-12 weeks of age when they receive their first vaccinations. These visits are much more than “going in for a jab” – your animal will get a thorough clinical examination. This examination checks your pet for any physical problems or defects, assesses their behaviour and personality, and enables your vet to give you advice on diet, worming, fleas, toilet training and any other topic that might arise. We are always happy to discuss any concerns the owner may have, and at the end of the visit provide a puppy or kitten pack with useful booklets and food samples to take home. This first visit is the beginning of many years of care that your pet will receive from Clutha Vets.


As time goes by other milestones are achieved – some planned for, others not! Regular visits for vaccinations will provide an opportunity for us to check your pet’s dental health, vision and give advice on weight control – as much a problem for our four legged companions as us! Neutering helps to prevent unsocial behaviour, unwanted offspring and many associated health problems. Unexpected visits will see them stitched up, fractured bones repaired, and upset stomachs dealt with. As age advances and health problems become an issue, Clutha Vets will provide the treatment for diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, heart and kidney failure that will help keep your pet comfortable and able to lead an active life.


One of the satisfying aspects of being a vet is being there to provide health care through the lifetime of our patients. Many of them become old friends and provide us with almost as much enjoyment as their owners. Visits to the vets should never be stressful and at Clutha Vets we endeavour to treat every animal as if it were our own.  



Written by: Suzanne Craig BVCs - Small Animal Vet, based at Balclutha and used in the local newspaper (The Leader) in the monthly Pet Corner section.