Worm Drench - don’t, unless FEC’s indicate this is necessary.  Having said that it is possible with feed being tight that FEC’s could end up being higher than usual this season – check and find out.


  • Trace Elements - The two important ones are Selenium and Iodine.


  • Selenium - All stock (don’t forget the rams) should receive Se in some form.  If using prills watch that any autumn application is not too late.  It really needs to be done at least a month pre-tup to allow time for uptake into the grass – in dry conditions it could take longer.
  • Iodine – Can be supplemented by Flexidine injection at least 4 weeks pre-tup or Pot Iodide orally (280mg 1 - 2 weeks pre-tup). Those of you that get us to make a pre-tup mineral mix containing these trace elements (& other less important ones), please bring in some empty 20lt drums as we are right out.


  • Probiotics & “Snake Oil” – There is an outbreak of products with unsubstantiated claims made about their ability to increase lamb drop.  Accept nothing as gospel in this area.  Ask for results of controlled trials i.e. the magic “snake oil product” vs. no supplement.  Even then you can be conned.  I am happy to try and interpret the bullshit for you if you care to bring it in – no charge - I hate seeing people conned, more so when times are tough.


Written by John Smart BVSc

Extract from March 2008 - Sheep Newsletter