Clutha Vets has started work with Infovet during January 2009 -  trialling a new internet service which combines data from various sources - MINDA, Fencepost, Lab Results and Vet Clinic data.

Infovet brings all these systems together in one package.


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Infovet is a software development to enable veterinarians to manage  the information base of their farm clients and thereby strengthening their ability to solve their client’s animal health problems, especially those that are complex, costly and frustrating like mastitis, reproductive failure, metabolic disease and lameness.  Synchronises daily and draws data from the LIC Minda Database.
Farm veterinarians are faced with a significant problem in managing the abundance of  information required to solve these types of problems. The required information is not easily accessible and requires further analyses to be useful. Veterinarians often do not have the time or resources to process the volume and complexity of all the available information. This means that farming and veterinary decisions may be based on incomplete knowledge.
Infovet is designed to provide solutions to this problem by:
·        Bringing together all the data from the various sources, relevant to animal health problems. This includes MINDA, veterinary records, Fencepost records, laboratory records and milking machine test records
·        Analysing and reporting results back to your veterinarian
·        Benchmarking and alerting functionality allowing the early recognition and intervention of potential animal health problems on your farm
·        “Mining” the database to identify possible  links between diseases and causes.
An important  source of data needed for Infovet is dairy farmer’s Minda information from LIC, and milk quality and production information from Fonterra. The more complete these data bases are in terms of animal health events like individual mastitis cases and calving events then the greater power Infovet has to help with problem solving.
We require our Farming customers permission to access the MINDA and Fencepost records by completing the sign-up form. As always your information will be confidential to your veterinarian. The more complete your MINDA records are, the more value Infovet can provide.
A good example of the power of Infovet is managing the information required to solve mastitis problems on a dairy farm. The important data resides in various databases. Individual somatic cell count records and calving dates reside in the herd-improvement organisations, bulk milk somatic cell count data in the dairy company databases and laboratory , consultation and animal treatment purchase records within the vet practice databases. Infovet unites all this information, analyses and reports it to veterinarians to quickly and effectively aid problem solving and decision-making with respect to a farm's mastitis management program.


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