General Facts
  •       Cattle lice live only on cattle – they cannot be transmitted to or
          from other species. 
  •       Two species important : 
                   Sucking lice                         (Linognathus vituli)
    Biting lice                             (Bovicola bovis)
  •       Lice numbers increase in Autumn, peak mid to late Winter,
          and decline in Spring.
  •       Young calves in their first year of life carry the most lice
  •       Underfed animals carry larger louse populations.
  •       Generally treatment of adult stock for lice is unnecessary.

Control & Treatment.

  •        Mectins
           (Includes active ingredients; abamectin, doramectin, eprinomectin,
            ivermectin,  and moxidectin.)
  •        Oral controls sucking lice only
  •        Injectable and boluses controls sucking lice, and “aids”
           in the control of biting lice
  •        Pour-ons control both biting and sucking lice
  •        Optimum time to control is mid Winter 

Organophosphate (OP) Pour-ons

  •        Control all lice, and some also flies.