Jan                  P.K. vaccine lambs

                        F.E.C. monitoring

                        Selenium and Cobalt monitoring


Feb                  Ram examination and dog vaccination

                        Ram vaccination - footrot and foot abscess

                        F.E.C. monitoring

                        Selenium and Cobalt monitoring


March             Dipping programme


                        Selenium and  Cobalt

                        Campylobacter/Toxoplasmosis vaccination

                        Fusarium screening


April                Pre-tup blood test ewes/ F.E.C.

                        Campylabactor booster


                        Selenium and Cobalt


May                Clostridial vaccination programme - hoggets

                        Salmonella problems? - vaccination


June                Hogget vaccination booster


July                 Ewe magnesium levels - blood test

                        Hogget  Iron /ADE supplementation


Aug                 Pre-lamb Ultravac vaccination and B12

                        Selenium and Iron supplementation if necessary

                        Internal parasite control programme - plan

                        Pre-lamb - long acting drench


Sept                 Assessment of ewe deaths over winter - post-mortem for Johnes?

                        Monitoring of lamb deaths

                        Hogget  F.E.C.’s


Oct                  Scabby Mouth Vaccination

                        Pk ATS vaccination of lamb (if necessary)

                        Lamb trace element supplementation Selenium and Cobalt


Nov                 Pre-weaning drench? - F.E.C.


Dec                 Monitor Cobalt

                        7 x 10 day drench check

                        Monitor F.E.C’s.