Winter is cold and unpleasant for many dogs, especially the short-haired varieties.  Often owners comment that their dogs seem stiff and sore moving about on cold days.  It is essential that wherever dogs sleep, be it in a kennel or on a porch, should be dry and draft free.  The best way to keep dogs warm if they sleep in a cold area is to do what we would do and put a jacket on them. 


I have to admit to being very sceptical about dog jackets in the past, but they have become increasingly popular over the last few years, for good reason.  Having owned two short-haired dogs there is no denying they love to have their jackets on when it is cold and never try to remove them.  It is worth mentioning in particular the Bull Terrier type dogs which have a reputation as being macho but have very short hair and do feel the cold. 


We have a variety of types of jacket in stock, which start in price about $30.00 for a small, lined jacket.  They come in a variety of styles and colours.  For the more fashion conscious dog there are Driza Bone jackets, with pockets for carrying water bottles or treats.  Some jackets have fur collars for the ultimate in luxury!

June 2011