Quarantine Drenching


In light of my comments above about triple resistance you might be wondering what drench is suitable to use as a quarantine drench.  At this stage, as far as we know, the incidence of triple drench resistance (that is resistance to all three actives when used at the same time as opposed to resistance to each one when used individually) is still pretty uncommon, so at the moment suitable quarantine drenches are:

·     A decent dose of a triple such as Matrix is probably still okay to use.  Note - the triple must contain abamectin or moxidectin (see below under new products) not ivermectin which is the “poor cousin”

·     Zolvix.

·     Startect.

·     Note - any of the dual combinations are not suitable for quarantine drenching – for example Arrest, Switch, Scanda, Converge.


Always, always use a suitable quarantine drench whenever stock (including cattle and deer) are brought onto your property.  In cattle an oral drench of Matrix C, or a combination of oral Oxfen C and Eclipse E injection, would be okay.  In deer it could be Matrix C or a combination of oral Oxfen C and Dectomax injection.


Note - Pour-ons in cattle and deer, even Eclipse, do not constitute a suitable quarantine drench.

Sheep Farmers Newsletter - Feb 2012