Cancer of the third eyelid is a common occurrence in cattle and presents as a cauliflower like growth in the corner of the eye with some weepy discharge.  The disease can spread reasonably quickly from the third eyelid to the eyeball then onto the bone and into the rest of the cow eventually leading to death.  If the disease is identified early then the third eyelid can be removed with a simple 10 minute surgical procedure before the cancer has had a chance to spread any further.  If the disease is left untreated then sometimes the entire eye must be removed or the animal has to be put down.  Cows with cancer eye cannot be sent to the works untreated unless the cancer is in its very early stages.  During the pregnancy testing period, when cow’s tags are being read, is a good time to spot this disease.  If you do find any of these then give us a call at the clinic and we can discuss the treatment options.

CUD Newsletter - Feb 2012