Monthly Programme

This is for people that have a sheep measles problem on their property.

Example: If the client gets a killing sheet back from the Freezing Works stating that

they have had Taenia Ovis (sheep measles) in a line of sheep that were slaughtered then these clients need to go on monthly dosing programme. Dosing should be supplemented with several additional preventative methods.

·         Pick up dead sheep carcasses - burn or bury carcasses.              

·         Sheep or goat meat should be treated before feeding to dogs – by freezing or cooking. 
        Freezing – min 7 days. Cooking – Meat is cooked when meat changes to brown.

·         Home killing facilities must be dog proof.

·         Offal disposal – Offal pit / bury / burn.

·         Purchasing new dogs – Dose 48 hours prior to bringing on the farm with a Broad-Spectrum wormer.

·         Neighbouring farms - Are they on a regular worming programme?

·         Stray dogs on property. 

·         Visiting dogs on property. No evidence of treatment – No access to property.

·         Signs for the gate – “Sheep Measles Programme Operating” Available at clinic.

·         Safe meat that can be feed raw include – horse, cattle and rabbit.

Also remember another source of Taenia Ovis (Sheep Measles) is when bringing any new stock onto the property eg; grazers / purchase, these animals maybe already be infected with Taenia Ovis (Sheep Measles).


Dose Regime

Monthly dosing with Droncit for two consecutive months. One Droncit tablet per 20kgs.  (This normally is 1 tablet per 10kgs but because they will be on regular dosing programme, it stretches out to 1 tablet per 20kgs.)

Then on the third month they are sent Drontal All Wormer or Paratak Plus (Broad Spectrum Wormer) depending on the weight of dog, then back to Droncit for 2 months and so on.

The clients will stay on this regime for one year or until their killing sheets come back free of Taenia Ovis (sheep measles)


Three Monthly Programme

This programme is for clients that don’t have a Taenia Ovis (sheep measles) problem. They need to be on a Broad Spectrum-worming programme.

Dose every three months with either Paratak Plus or Drontal All Wormer for Large Dogs depending on the dog’s weight.

Dose Regime



0 – 20kgs

Paratak Tablets   

20 – 35kgs

Drontal All Wormer For Large Dogs


Charge $3.50 for postage and handling.

Pre Mating & Pregnant Bitches
– Dosing with Broad-Spectrum Tablets. Worm prior mating and 10 days prior whelping. Then two and four weeks after whelping.

Puppies / Kittens
Dosing with Cancare Tablets - Dose fortnightly from the age of 2 weeks until the age of 3 months then monthly until the age of 6 months then every 3 months using a Broad-Spectrum wormer.

– Dosing should be done every three months with a Broad-Spectrum wormer.

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