Large Animal Services

  • Disease treatment, prevention and control
  • Meat, wool & milk production advice
  • Reproduction advice and programmes including InCalf
  • Internal and external parasite control programme advice
  • Animal health programmes specific to your farm
  • Mastitis advice and prevention including Gradebusting/Shed checks & in-house milk sampling
  • Nutrition advice
  • Trace element testing & advice
  • Cattle, deer and horse pregnancy testing – manual & ultrasound
  • Calving services
  • Healthy Hoof & InCalf programmes
  • BVD monitoring
  • Crop & cow monitoring
  • Condition scoring
  • InfoVet
  • Lepto vaccination service
  • Teatsealing service
  • FECs & FECRTs


  • Surgical interventions
  • De-velvetting and TB testing
  • Ram testing and vasectomy
  • Equine services including vaccinations, dentals, gelding & branding
  • Alpaca services
  • Stock/calf weighing and reports
  • Regular newsletters
  • Farmer training seminars
  • Farm dog mail out worming programme



Small Animals

  • Qualified Nursing team
  • Consultations
  • Vaccinations
  • Neutering / speying
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • X-ray and ultrasound
  • Full orthopaedic and soft tissue surgical facilities
  • Full laboratory back up


  • Heated hospital and recovery wards
  • Isolation facilities
  • Dietary and health advice
  • Internal medicine
  • Dog & cat mail out worming programme
  • Puppy Classes
  • Rehoming of Cats & Kittens



  • Product specific knowledge backed by veterinary advice
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Members discounts on key products
  • Products with proven effectiveness
  • Trained Support staff
  • On farm delivery
  • Five depots throughout South Otago - Lawrence, Momona, Owaka, Clinton & Lee Stream and one retail store in Clydevale.
  • Wide range of animal health care products and advice


Dairy Services

Our team of enthusiastic and committed dairy vets offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of our growing number of dairy clients.

We aim to work with dairy farmers to maximise animal health and profitability with regular consultations and involvement in farmer meetings. We take great pride in the quality of service that we provide, whether it is assisting at a calving in the small hours of the morning, or joining you for breakfast after scanning your cows at milking time.

Our multi-national team of Vets and Rural Animal Technicians are regularly involved with major issues on dairy farms such as mastitis, fertility and lameness. Mastitis services include Grade Busting and comprehensive shed visits at milking time, and we also provide in-house culturing of milk samples. Fertility services include Metrichecking (detection and treatment of ‘dirty’ cows), non-cycling cow programmes and synchrony programmes for cows and heifers. Lameness services include corrective trimming of lame and overgrown claws, using our portable WOPA crate and advice on lameness prevention. We also provide regular monitoring of trace element supplementation programmes through blood testing and liver biopsies, and advice on rearing heifer replacements, including weighing and drench programmes.

Our competitively priced pregnancy testing service is focused on accuracy, safety and efficiency, and allows us to ensure precise knowledge of calving dates and optimum timing of inductions through comprehensive recording systems and reports. The large number of clients who continue to use these services year after year allows us to benchmark your performance against other herds in the area. This information is presented at our annual winter meetings, along with informative presentations from our local vets and top quality guest speakers.

Our vets regularly attend meetings and conferences to keep up with all the latest information and research developments, and we have strong representation within the Dairy Cattle Vets’ Society of NZ, actively involved in thwarting many of the current threats to the dairy industry.

We also offer: Newsletters, month by month reminders, seminars and training for farm staff.


Sheep Services

Clutha Vets employ vets with a special interest and many years experience in sheep production and disease prevention.

As well as the usual veterinary services covering general husbandry and disease control & prevention, we also offer more specialist services covering areas such as:

  • Comprehensive internal parasite & drench resistance management and advice including faecal egg counts and faecal egg count reduction tests.
  • General parasite management.
  • Flock fertility analysis and advice on correction of problem areas.
  • Trace element monitoring and advice.
  • Flock nutrition advice.
  • Specialist animal health product knowledge and advice.
  • Disease prevention and control programmes.
  • Animal health calendars and plans specific to your farm 
  • The vets regularly attend meetings and conferences to keep up with all the latest information and research developments, and we have strong representation within the Sheep & Beef Cattle Veterinarians Society. 

  • Various farmer educational initiatives

-          A programme to correctly identify udder faults in ewes

-          Bi monthly newsletter

-          Seminars


Small Animal Services

While Clutha Vets formed as a farmer co-operative, pet animals are an integral and important part of the practice. The decision was made many years ago to employ vets to do solely small animal practice and ensure the highest quality of service possible. Our three full time dedicated small animal veterinary surgeons have over 60 years of combined experience in small animal medicine and surgery, so you can rest assured of the best treatment for your pet dog, working dog, cat or other small pet.  Barbara Christensen is based at the Clutha Vets Milton clinic on Union StreetPeter Heslip and Catherine Copland are based at the Clutha Vets Balclutha clinic on Wilson Road.  There is a fantastic team of experienced and qualified veterinary nurses at both clinics providing care for your animals.  In addition, we have a team of vets who are experienced with small animals as well as farm animals.  This means we  are able provide a high quality dedicated small animal service with experienced vets and vet nurses available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Both the Milton clinic and the Balclutha clinic are fully equipped with gas anaesthetic,  in-house laboratory facilities, heated hospital and recovery wards, ultrasonic dental machines with high speed drills, ultrasound and x-ray facilities,  operating theatres and isolation facilities.  We provide high quality dental care, and surgical care from routine de-sexing to major soft tissue surgery and we carry out many laboratory tests in-house so the results are available immediately.  Our Balclutha clinic is also equipped to carry out a wide range of orthopaedic surgeries including bone plating and pinning for fracture repair and joint surgery.  Each clinic has modern, well-equipped consulting rooms and we offer routine consultations throughout the day Monday to Friday and treatment for emergency cases 24 hours a day.  In addition, the Balclutha clinic is open for consultations and retail sales on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. 

You can book a consultation with one of our friendly team of nurses for dietary, health and behavioural advice.  We also offer a trimming and nail clipping service.  Our retail area has a large range of quality pet foods, toys, bedding, grooming equipment, coats, collars, leads and more.    Our nurses run puppy classes, which offer socialisation and advice on training and puppy care.  We also have a Rehoming Programme for Kittens and Cats, as a service to the community in the absence of a local SPCA branch.`

As a member of the Clutha Veterinary Association you will receive discounts and special offers on a wide range of our small animal services and products. 


24 Hour Emergency Cover

Call 03 418 1280